So I have finally started a blog

Dont get me wrong – i have registered with MANY blogging sites. Theres something about it, thats always fascinated me and always had me hooked. And i feel like i’m at a point in my life where i could seriously think about, plan and put some effort into ‘blogging’.

ew. i hate that word. i often sit at my desk at work, or just in my general life and say “oh i don’t care what you’ve hauled from Primark…..i don’t care what make up brush you use” ……but i secretly love it. Watching one or two blogger videos on youtube can turn into a full 8 hour Saturday session. Then i’m like, “oh shit….i haven’t done the washing or the food shopping…..but i have found a new primer i want to try!!”

I dont know why its taken me so long to admit my secret obsession with bloggers and all things blogger-esque. Maybe its also because i’m heading into the final year of my uni course soon and i understand more than ever, how important it is to ‘self brand’. Especially in this creative weird whacky fashion industry….its not like other really adult boring industries. If you want a pink CV that smells (legally blonde-esque) then you can! If you want to apply for a job by printing your best qualities on a T-Shirt….then you can! Thats the beauty of it. So in a way, this will be a bit of self branding, blog, and maybe one day – if my big brummie accent doesn’t stop me – a bit of a vlog.

I cant really say what this will contain. I’m aiming to throw a bit of everything in here… style, fashion, make up……(i’m staying away from hair because i am so bad at it! straight or curly – thats my bag!) & lets see where i end up.

I hope you’d like to follow me on this new journey! Also if anyone would like to see what i am already about….please follow me…

Instagram –


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