So I’ve been a member of the birch box subscription service since January now. I decided to join to give myself a little treat every month – and i love getting things in the post!

This months design is my favourite so far – minimal, marble & rose gold. Whats not to love?!

Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 09.39.20

This months theme was ‘its all in the details’ – basing products around all the details of your daily routine with Make up or pampering. Making sure that all the first steps are boxed off so you get a nice finished look!

Lets have a look at whats in the box…

Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 09.39.52

KUESHI – Hair Mask Shine & Volume – RRP £10.50 

I dont really use Hair masks that much…i dont think I’ve ever brought one! So this is a nice new thing for me to try. Its a good sample size at 50 ml, so i can probably get a couple of uses out of this as my hair is reasonably short. Just from having a quick little sniff, it smells really nice and fresh – with jojoba oil and moisturising shea butter, it protects and adds shine to all types of hair.

My hair is super greasy at the root but dry at the ends, so it will be interested to see if this can balance out my barnet!


BENEFIT – Professional Matt Rescue Primer – RRP £23.50

Whats so weird…is that i was having a huge conversation with my Mom about primers when i was at home. I have used this in the past and to be honest – i am not a huge fan. Not for any bad reasons, i just felt like it didn’t affect my make up that much. I have really combination skin – oily forehead, dry nose area – so finding a primer that tackles both is hard. Unfortunately when i used this, i didn’t feel like it did the job.

I’m also a bit miffed, because whilst it is a good product, there was a primer sample in my Birchbox only 2 months ago that i still haven’t used! I’ll deffo give this to my Mom so she can give it a try!

Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 09.39.29

DOUCCE – Punk Volumizer Mascara – RRP £18 *Birchbox Exclusive

I’ve had so many mascaras from Birchbox (this is my third!) that are still unopened and unused. I’m always a bit sceptical because once i find one i like, i literally don’t change it for years. So i’m pretty faithful to brands – as i like certain brushes and coverage. This mascara has a jumbo fibre wand which is meant to define each individual lash. Which i like! I don’t like traditional brushes – i like the slightly rubber ones, I haven’t opened this yet as i don’t want it to dry – but i’m hoping this is a good in between for when i begin to run out of my old faithful.

This was the birch box exclusive product this month. As i said, slightly disappointed as this is the third sample of mascara BUT  in all honesty, i’ll be using it to give it a try! who knows? i might find my new cant live without mascara!


MARSK – Mineral Eyeshadow in Vanilla Frosting – RRP £14.49  *Full size item

I was a bit sad that the item i got to choose this month was an eyeshadow – literally because i like, never wear eyeshadow – BUT this could double up as a nice highlight?! The choices were from fifty shades, which was a dark grey colour or this, vanilla frosting, a light iridescent white colour . I picked this over the grey, as i do own a lot of eyeshadows that have greys and blacks and as i said, hardly use them. I haven’t watched it yet, but its meant to be super pigmented, soft and made from all natural ingredients – which is fab, as i do have sensitive eyes.

Disclaimer: i ripped the box trying to get into it! oops! 

Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 09.39.45


okay so i’m not actually sure what this is?! Apparently you put this on before you apply lipstick and it prevents lipstick from flaking off half way through the day….which is quite cool…..but surely a good lip balm underneath will also do the trick?

I dont know – maybe i’m being harsh because over the last 12 months I’ve developed a skin condition which means i cant wear lipstick. I only use 2 types of lip balm – all natural herbal ingredients. 1 that helps sooth my lips and 1 that i apply when i have a break out of said skin condition. So i’m always super wary about putting something new onto my lips.

Having said that….I have recently started testing out new lipsticks as i used to own hundreds – and so far….so good!!

I’ll probably gift this – as i don’t wear lipstick that often anyway, the sample size is also super tiny at 2.5ml so will only last for maybe 2 applications.

Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 10.02.24.png

In conclusion,

i am quite happy this months box – i can try a new hair product that I’ve never ventured into, and the mascara is a great starting size instead of spending money on a full size version i might not even like. The eyeshadow is cute, i might be adventurous one day and try it…but the Lip Tar primer and the Benefits Primer just aren’t my bag – but they will go to a good home!

The beauty of birch box is that its always a surprise and just so nice getting a little box of presents for you each month.

If you’re interested in signing up and giving it a go, theres a simple step by step sign up guide below

After receiving your box every month, you can review the products and earn points to spend in the birch box shop – to try the full sizes of all your faves!




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