This weeks haul is sponsored by Boohoo….I’m joking – i’m just obsessed & wish i was sponsored by Boohoo haha!

I love the site, i’m always checking for new items and filling up my basket on payday. I wanted a bit of an update of tops and basics for outfits…..


Top Left – Off the shoulder spanish señorita vibes! (size 10)

Top Middle – Pink frilly slinky skirt goodness (size 10)

Top right – Gingham dreams of a smock dress (size 10)

Bottom left – Red frilly body con skirt (size 12)

Bottom Middle – Polka dot heaven in a top! (size 12)

Bottom right – Keeping the girl power alive (size M)

I wanted some jersey skirts to pair with Tee’s and trainers for work….I am yet to wear the skirts – but i am planning to team the red skirt with my boohoo crop HUN t-shirt (the word ‘hun’ is in red!) and the pink frilly one with a black t-shirt, probably Nike or something so its not too girly (i’m not really a girly girl) I got the red skirt in a 12 and the pink in a 10.

Ive been loving anything frilly and and patterned at the minute – so the gingham dress is a dream. I wore it to work with a top knot bun and bright white reebok classics. Its a smock style, quite oversized but not too big, fits just right. I got a size 10.

I’ll link at the bottom – if they still have it all!

Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 17.27.03

I love the polka dot top too – i tweeted Boohoo to show them my love for this amazing top – go and buy it – and they retweeted it – I also got a mention in the boohoo news letter which was amazing!!

I grabbed it in a 12 as i like tops big and floaty and i wasn’t sure on how much it would stretch because of the material. A size 10 would have been fine in all honesty!

Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 14.21.11Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 14.21.45

Thats also one of my friends above me wearing the same top haha!

Ive just been paid, so no doubt will be getting my boohoo fix once again!!


Black Frilly off shoulder top – £12.00 – Similar – the one i got is sold out

Pink frilly body con Skirt – £8.00

Gingham Smock Dress – £18.00

Red Frilly skirt – £5.00 in the sale!

Polka dot frilly top – £20.00 – Only 2 left!

Girl Gang T-shirt  – £10.00

So in total that cost me £73.00 and i’m pretty sure i actually got a 20% discount on the non-sale items because I’d left it in my basket and forgot about it all!

Cant wait to see what new things Boohoo has in now….


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Ive been spending a lot more time on popular clothes selling app DEPOP lately. Not only am i trying to shift some stuff – I’ve just been keeping an eye out for stuff i like.

This week i might have gone a little mad – but i got them all at such bargain prices!!


I got x5 of these things from just 1 buyer!!

Top left – I couldn’t resist this holographic bag from Primark!

Top Middle – I love polka dots and frills and see through tops – so this was my fave buy!

Top Right – again, black frilly goodness!!!

Bottom Left – this skirt is such a perfect fit!! so comfy

Bottom Middle – I’ve been after this furry top for so long!!! yay!!

Bottom right – I just loved this pink blazer……

and guess what guys…..it was all £3.00 each INCLUDING postage!!!!

Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 17.24.47

Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 17.25.17Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 17.25.25Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 17.25.35Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 17.25.09Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 17.25.00

I’ve found some links (if possible!) of all of this stuff on the sites if you like any and fancy grabbing it!!

I also grabbed some more chokers – i know i’m obsessed!!screen-shot-2017-05-21-at-17-25-44.png

Top – Diamonte choker – £5.00

Middle – Pom Pom choker – £3.50

Bottom – Velvet choker – £3.00

So basically, all in all this cost me £29.50!!! including postage! i think thats better than Primark!!

Top tip – always reduce the price bar on your search to the lowest you are willing to go…and you can grab some bargains like me!


New Look Polka Dot Top – (In black) – £16.99

New Look Black Lace top – (similar) – £22.00

New Look Black Frill Mini Skirt – £9.00 – In the sale!

HM Fake Fur Pink Top – (Sold Out) –  £8.00

BooHoo Pink Blazer Jacket Blazer – (Similar) –  £25.00




So I’ve been a member of the birch box subscription service since January now. I decided to join to give myself a little treat every month – and i love getting things in the post!

This months design is my favourite so far – minimal, marble & rose gold. Whats not to love?!

Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 09.39.20

This months theme was ‘its all in the details’ – basing products around all the details of your daily routine with Make up or pampering. Making sure that all the first steps are boxed off so you get a nice finished look!

Lets have a look at whats in the box…

Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 09.39.52

KUESHI – Hair Mask Shine & Volume – RRP £10.50 

I dont really use Hair masks that much…i dont think I’ve ever brought one! So this is a nice new thing for me to try. Its a good sample size at 50 ml, so i can probably get a couple of uses out of this as my hair is reasonably short. Just from having a quick little sniff, it smells really nice and fresh – with jojoba oil and moisturising shea butter, it protects and adds shine to all types of hair.

My hair is super greasy at the root but dry at the ends, so it will be interested to see if this can balance out my barnet!


BENEFIT – Professional Matt Rescue Primer – RRP £23.50

Whats so weird…is that i was having a huge conversation with my Mom about primers when i was at home. I have used this in the past and to be honest – i am not a huge fan. Not for any bad reasons, i just felt like it didn’t affect my make up that much. I have really combination skin – oily forehead, dry nose area – so finding a primer that tackles both is hard. Unfortunately when i used this, i didn’t feel like it did the job.

I’m also a bit miffed, because whilst it is a good product, there was a primer sample in my Birchbox only 2 months ago that i still haven’t used! I’ll deffo give this to my Mom so she can give it a try!

Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 09.39.29

DOUCCE – Punk Volumizer Mascara – RRP £18 *Birchbox Exclusive

I’ve had so many mascaras from Birchbox (this is my third!) that are still unopened and unused. I’m always a bit sceptical because once i find one i like, i literally don’t change it for years. So i’m pretty faithful to brands – as i like certain brushes and coverage. This mascara has a jumbo fibre wand which is meant to define each individual lash. Which i like! I don’t like traditional brushes – i like the slightly rubber ones, I haven’t opened this yet as i don’t want it to dry – but i’m hoping this is a good in between for when i begin to run out of my old faithful.

This was the birch box exclusive product this month. As i said, slightly disappointed as this is the third sample of mascara BUT  in all honesty, i’ll be using it to give it a try! who knows? i might find my new cant live without mascara!


MARSK – Mineral Eyeshadow in Vanilla Frosting – RRP £14.49  *Full size item

I was a bit sad that the item i got to choose this month was an eyeshadow – literally because i like, never wear eyeshadow – BUT this could double up as a nice highlight?! The choices were from fifty shades, which was a dark grey colour or this, vanilla frosting, a light iridescent white colour . I picked this over the grey, as i do own a lot of eyeshadows that have greys and blacks and as i said, hardly use them. I haven’t watched it yet, but its meant to be super pigmented, soft and made from all natural ingredients – which is fab, as i do have sensitive eyes.

Disclaimer: i ripped the box trying to get into it! oops! 

Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 09.39.45


okay so i’m not actually sure what this is?! Apparently you put this on before you apply lipstick and it prevents lipstick from flaking off half way through the day….which is quite cool…..but surely a good lip balm underneath will also do the trick?

I dont know – maybe i’m being harsh because over the last 12 months I’ve developed a skin condition which means i cant wear lipstick. I only use 2 types of lip balm – all natural herbal ingredients. 1 that helps sooth my lips and 1 that i apply when i have a break out of said skin condition. So i’m always super wary about putting something new onto my lips.

Having said that….I have recently started testing out new lipsticks as i used to own hundreds – and so far….so good!!

I’ll probably gift this – as i don’t wear lipstick that often anyway, the sample size is also super tiny at 2.5ml so will only last for maybe 2 applications.

Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 10.02.24.png

In conclusion,

i am quite happy this months box – i can try a new hair product that I’ve never ventured into, and the mascara is a great starting size instead of spending money on a full size version i might not even like. The eyeshadow is cute, i might be adventurous one day and try it…but the Lip Tar primer and the Benefits Primer just aren’t my bag – but they will go to a good home!

The beauty of birch box is that its always a surprise and just so nice getting a little box of presents for you each month.

If you’re interested in signing up and giving it a go, theres a simple step by step sign up guide below


After receiving your box every month, you can review the products and earn points to spend in the birch box shop – to try the full sizes of all your faves!



Weekly Haul – #2

So i decided to pop back home to Birmingham and do some shopping! I didnt have a figure to spend  – i just new i wanted to shop!

I went to Resorts World Birmingham near where i live and The Fort to visit the new Primark store.

Lets have a look at what i picked up…


I’ve been looking at that pink mesh primark dress for so long! It was £13 originally so i couldnt say no when i found it was now £5! Ive been hunting for some ankle boots for a while – i”m very fussy with footwear! The black boots were marked at £15 and the snake print at £7 so i was over the moon when they came up on the till as £6 and £3! £3 for a pair of ankle boots! crazy! I love t-shirts and slogans and logos, so i couldnt not grab the friends t-shirt for only £4!

I also really love Next – it has some really nice on trend pieces, and people dont really think of shopping in there. Ive been hunting for a pony-hair leopard print skirt on eBay for about 2 years! so when i came across this i had to snap it up! I’m not a huge fan of Lipsy – I think they’re dresses can be a bit young & very body con – but this top is beautiful. It has flare sleeves and is sheer – perfect for a date night.

I’m obsessed with Nike and Reebok – i think they’re my favourite sports brands. I work for a sports company so see their products a lot, but they are expensive. This t-shirt is going to be great to just throw on with jeans when i’m unsure what to wear. Ive been after some nice white trainers too and these reebok classics are my favourite style (i also have them in lilac!)

Last but not least – the little bits. 2 make up songs for £1.50 (thats 75p each!) is just a steal. And i never turn down a choker purchase!! not for £2 each.

Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 09.05.40Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 09.05.49Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 09.27.17

(Choke details , Friends T-shirt on my instagram, Details of Lipsy top)

I already have some bits and bobs i’ve picked up for next weeks haul….I’m such a shopaholic.


Pink mesh dress – Primark £5

Floral mesh top (sold out) – Lipsy (concession at Next) £14

Choker (sold out)- Next £2

Friends T-Shirt – Primark £4

Snake Print boots – Primark £3

Trainers – Reebok £44

Make Up sponges – Primark £1.50

Leopard Print Skirt (sold out) – Next £12

Black Boots – Primark £6

T-Shirt (sold out) – Nike £22

Choker – Primark £2

Weekly Haul – #1

I feel like i’ve been buying a few boring things lately, but when it came to taking pictures for this post – i realised its all a bit more exciting than i thought!

I’ve recently really gotten in to skin care! Looking after my skin, giving it regular breaks from make up, and using more natural friendly products.

I’m really into rose water at the minute – i have some pure rose water oil and sleeping in it really reduces the redness in my skin! I thought i’d try the Garnier rose water cleansing milk and toner. I also love Green tea, so i picked up a pump bottle (genius idea) of face wash to try after i take off my make up. I also grabbed some micellar water to remove my eye make up, and picked up the graduating tanning moisturiser – it was on offer!!

screen-shot-2017-04-22-at-13-26-21.pngI’m also a BirchBox subscriber and had some points to use, so treated myself to some Nuxe goodies I’ve read good reviews about! A rose water Toner and a multi purpose oil for face body and hair! They also sent me two free sample goodies which was a nice surprise – some hand cream and a mini mascara.

This week was all about the face!! Next week I’m planning a few shopping trips, so be sure to come back to check out what new wardrobe pieces I’ve picked up!


Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

Garnier Summer Body Moisturising Lotion Sun Kissed Look

Garnier Purifying Botanical Gel Wash – Green Tea Leaves

Garnier Soothing Botanical Cleansing Milk – Rose water

Garnier Soothing Botanical Toner – Rose water

Nuxe Gentle Toning Lotion – Rose Petals

Nuxe Mutli Purpose Dry Oil – 50ml

Cowshed – Cow pat Moisturising Hand cream

Eyeko Black Magic Mascara – Black

Happy Birthday to me!

So on the 19th of this Month it was my birthday! It worked out well as it fell just after the Bank Holidays which was really nice.

To celebrate, a couple of my close work friends took me to Austalasia in Manchester for an afternoon of ‘high easter tea’. It was amazing! It included a tower of little choccy treats, a glass of bubbles and any fresh tea of your choice. So cute! The team at work all put money in for a card and some lovely little gifts. They know me so well!

Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 11.35.49Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 11.41.51

On my actual Birthday – i was woken up to a pink glittery ‘Happy Birthday’ Banner in my flat and presents on the bed. I’ve found as I’ve gotten older my want/need for presents has changed, i’d much rather someone acknowledge with a card or a personal text.

However my boyfriend always spoils me a little bit. He got me a lovely necklace from Orelia – a little gold Pineapple! I like quite dainty jewellery thats minimal but quirky so i love this! He also got me an Artisan PaddyWax candle that smells so fresh and clean. I really like fresh clean smells so this is perfect. I got some vouchers off my parents which is always nice as they know i love to shop!! And some Topshop goodies from my boyfriends sister; including this fab slogan T-shirt!

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So I have finally started a blog

Dont get me wrong – i have registered with MANY blogging sites. Theres something about it, thats always fascinated me and always had me hooked. And i feel like i’m at a point in my life where i could seriously think about, plan and put some effort into ‘blogging’.

ew. i hate that word. i often sit at my desk at work, or just in my general life and say “oh i don’t care what you’ve hauled from Primark…..i don’t care what make up brush you use” ……but i secretly love it. Watching one or two blogger videos on youtube can turn into a full 8 hour Saturday session. Then i’m like, “oh shit….i haven’t done the washing or the food shopping…..but i have found a new primer i want to try!!”

I dont know why its taken me so long to admit my secret obsession with bloggers and all things blogger-esque. Maybe its also because i’m heading into the final year of my uni course soon and i understand more than ever, how important it is to ‘self brand’. Especially in this creative weird whacky fashion industry….its not like other really adult boring industries. If you want a pink CV that smells (legally blonde-esque) then you can! If you want to apply for a job by printing your best qualities on a T-Shirt….then you can! Thats the beauty of it. So in a way, this will be a bit of self branding, blog, and maybe one day – if my big brummie accent doesn’t stop me – a bit of a vlog.

I cant really say what this will contain. I’m aiming to throw a bit of everything in here…..life style, fashion, make up……(i’m staying away from hair because i am so bad at it! straight or curly – thats my bag!) & lets see where i end up.

I hope you’d like to follow me on this new journey! Also if anyone would like to see what i am already about….please follow me…

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/staceylouiserhodes/